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Pentatonic scale

The pentatonic scale is a simple five-note scale that has many applications across musical genres.
In this lesson, you learn to play it in moveable shapes across the guitar.

pentatonic scaleTake a look at the set of notes at the left. This is a pentatonic scale since it has only five different notes: G, B, E, A, and D. This scale is the E minor pentatonic or the G major pentatonic scale.
This particular boxlike shape is convenient because it’s so easy to memorize. (Notice that this first scale uses all of the open strings. This is not the case for all pentatonic scales.) This scale has two great applications. First, it is used in the key of G Major or E minor to create a smooth, consonant scale sound. In other words, if the home chord is G, you can use the scale to play over these basic chords. Continue reading