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minor scales

Minor scales guitar

A minor scale goes to have a number of a similar principle as a major scale. It still consists of eight steps, some whole steps, and a few half step. The formula for a minor scale is WHWWHWW. Memorize it! I have to explain really fast, there are 3 different types of minor scales, natural, harmonic and melodic. The formula above is for a natural minor scale. I’ll explain the distinction between a natural and harmonic minor scale later. it should be easier to know a natural minor scale by showing the individual steps of the scale.

Remember, there are 8 steps to a scale. 1 2 3b 4 5 6b 7b 8. Steps 3,6,7 are lowered ½ step. You may ask yourself, why does it show a whole step for the last step of the formula. If you remember, on a major scale, step 7 to 8 is only a ½ step. If you lower step 7 by a half what is left is a whole step between the two (just like math 2 halves make a whole). Continue reading