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How to Tune your guitar

Tuning your guitar is one of the most important things you can do for yourself while you learning to play. We will go over several methods of tuning and ways to train your ears. While you are learning how to tune your guitar. Once when your ear is trained. You won’t have to worry about whether your digital tuner is with you or not.

how to tune your guitar
As a beginner, I suggest that you go get yourself a digital tuner. Until you learn how to tune your guitar correctly. It is the easiest way to tune the guitar for the beginners. See the video below:

When you are tuning your guitar with the digital tuner, you should watch carefully for lights on tuner, when you pluck the string than the light should become green if the string is tuned, and it should be written the letter of the string (for example E) if it is not well tuned than the light will be red. You can tune all strings that way. I highly recommend this tuner  because of quality.

After a while, when you learn how to tune your guitar, you can start to tune with tuner only first string E. And the rest of strings you can tune by ear. It is like this 2nd string B press on 5th fret and pluck you should have exactly the same sound like you have on 1st string E empty, then 3rd string G press on 4th fret and pluck, the sound must be the same as the 2nd string empty, then follow the procedure with 4th, 5th and 6th string always on 5th fret.

An important reminder: Be sure that you tune as often as you can that is the way to train your ears. Don’t just tune at the beginning of a session. Tune several times per session. This will help you hear¬†intonality (when notes aren’t in tune) and get your ears trained. That is the way to learn how to tune your guitar.