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Posture for playing guitar

Correct posture for playing guitar is important because as a guitar player, you want to eliminate any excess tension or straining on your body. You need to sit up straight and make sure you have a flat back. Do not lean over the front of your guitar to see what you’re doing with your fingerings. Instead of looking over your guitar, use your fret dots to know where your fingers are. Ultimately you will play without looking at your instrument and fingers.

posture for playing guitar
A lot of novice guitar players will sit anywhere; place the guitar on their right thigh and play. Why this is a problem? When your posture for playing guitar is completely out of alignment, this will result in sloppy wrist, hand, and finger habits, and correct chord formations and scale constructs won’t be possible up the entire neck of the guitar. When you are getting a chair make sure that when you sit in it, your feet are flat on the ground, and that your lap and knees make a 90 degree angle. Any deviation on this will result in incorrect posture for playing guitar. A good measure is to stand next to the chair and it should come up to your knees.

Posture for playing guitar and foot stool

Also, it would be great to get yourself a foot stool. You will use the foot stool to elevate your left leg. The guitar will rest on your elevated left thigh. Do not use a foot stool that is too high, it can cause some stress to your lower back.
Also, be sure that you sit at the edge of the chair.
Do not slouch. Sit up straight. It’s okay to look at the guitar and your hand, but it isn’t okay to lean over and look at them. What to do with the right foot? Some tuck it under the chair and rest on the ball of their foot. Some like to have it almost completely extended to where it’s almost on the heel. You decide what works best for you.
And last, Our joints work in three different realms of movement. The gist of this is if you put your hand out in front of you and curve the wrist as far left as you can and wiggle your fingers. You should feel tension and pulling in your forearm and wrist. Do the same for the right side. Now keep the wrist in an unbent position and wiggle your fingers. There should be a marked difference in how this feels in comparison to the other two positions.
Please also keep your fretting arm next to your torso. You don’t want it smashed against your rib cage but you also don’t want it out there like a chicken wing.

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