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Play guitar hand and fingers

Lets see for a moment how does it looks like with play guitar hand and fingers basics for playing guitar.
First you will have one fretting hand, which is responsible for creating chords or single notes. And one picking or strumming hand. Both hands are very important, with fretting hand you are creating chords and with picking hand you are making rhythm and melody, there starts the magic.


play guitar hand and fingers

Here is a picture of your fretting hand and how to refer to your fingers. This will be a great visual aid for correct chord placement. It will be tempting to cheat with finger placement on some of the chords, but there are specific reasons for using specific fingers for constructing the chords.

There is a correct way and an incorrect way to hold a pick with your strumming hand. You’ll want to lightly rest the pick between your thumb and forefinger. Your forefinger needs to be arced so that it forms a semi-circle. The pick will rest between the first and second knuckles on the forefinger. Each finger consists of three knuckles. One right above the fingernail, one half way up the finger and the last where the finger meets with the hand. The first and second are referring to the ones right above the fingernail and half way up the finger. From here you will place your thumb on the pick creating a loose yet stable pressure.
As you become more advanced in your guitar playing, you will learn that there are several ways to hold a pick and all of which will be held between the thumb and forefinger.

Finger dexterity is of utmost importance when playing any musical instrument and particularly the guitar. Moving your hands and fingers through chords and different scales requires a lot of practice in dexterity.
If you go to a music store, you will find tools to help exercise and strengthen your hands and fingers while building dexterity. Play guitar hand and fingers, play and enjoy.


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