Start to play guitar

What do you really need?

First you need to buy guitar. But, which guitar first? It is hard decision because what if you can’t afford to buy guitar that you like to play? If you are not really guitar fun you will probably give up of learning if the guitar you have is not the one you want, but if you have what you want you will be much more enthousiastic and you will learn faster and spend much more time playing guitar. So it is very important that you buy guitar that you will love.
When you are buying guitar you must be very carefull about the size of the guitar (it must be the guitar that will lay nice in your hands) and the most important is that guitar have straight neck, you must look at the neck carefully. The neck must not be to wide, because than it will be difficult to play for you especially if you have small hands, also the strings must not be to far from the neck because your fingers will be in pain and it will be difficult to get clear tone.
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Guitar basics, parts of guitar

One of the first things you are going to want to do is get familiar with your guitar, guitar part names, and accessory names. See the picture:

guitar basic parts

All parts of the guitar are equally important, but some of the areas of particular interest are: the bridge, strings, neck, fret, and tuning pegs.

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