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Let’s start with the open chords guitar, major open chords. Open chords are basic chord formations that all guitar players learn how to play first.

Open Chords Guitar, Major open chords

open chords guitar, major open chords

About the major open chords:
Finally, solid dots represent finger positions. And diamonds represents played notes. X es represents a string or note not played (muted).
Each of these major chords is built from a corresponding major scale. And also consists of a triad in notation.
The formula for a major triad consists of R-3-5. What means that if your C major scale is: C D E F G A B C, Root = C, 3rd = E, & 5th = G. When you play your C major chord, the only notes strummed are C E G. This will be kind of confusing but will make sense once you really get to know your fretboard and scales.
These are some of the common ways that these chords and notes will be referred to. CM, DM, EM, FM, GM, AM, BM, C, D, E, F, G, A, B.

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