Learn To Play Guitar

So you want to learn to play guitar! Congratulations! You will find this endeavor rewarding and at times, very trying.
I have been a musician for more than  40 years and I am here to transfer my musical wisdom to you. There won’t be a magic button that you can press and that will make you good. Practice will be the only way to get where you want to go and play the way you want to play, a lot of practice.
I’m going to walk you through the very basics of your guitar, tuning, posture, how to hold your pick, exercises, notation, tablature, scales, beginning theory, chords, strumming, and some really simple songs you can rock to!

learn to play guitar, guitar basic parts
Don’t limit yourself to one genre (style) of music. You should really diversify. Learn to play guitar. You will learn so much more by listening to rock, jazz, blues, classical, bluegrass and Spanish styles of guitar. Be sure that as you learn that you spend time with people that are musicians. Learn to play guitar from their experience and expertise. Everyone possesses a different interpretation of music and songwriting, so take it as a free lesson. After a while, you will be thrilled with your new ability, and see that it is not that difficult as you meant it was. You will be a real guitar player and enjoy in it.