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How to read guitar tabs?

What is tablature and how to read guitar tabs? Tablature, the tab for short, is a form of musical notation with an emphasis on fingerings rather than traditional notation. Tablature is commonly used for fretted instruments. How to read guitar tab, tablature?
Tablature reading is used most often by novice musicians. The problem with tab is that it doesn’t indicate note length and duration. This is where understanding note values will help as most tablature is written below standard notation.

Tablature, the tab is a closer visual representation of your guitar fretboard, as a result making it easier to interpret music. It virtually doesn’t require any training to become quite good at reading it.

Tablature takes the guess work out of which fret to play chords or notes. Standard notation has often left this a gray area but in some cases will indicate frets by placing roman numbers below the staff.

Sample of how to read guitar tabs

Below you can see a sample of what guitar tab looks like and how to read guitar tab. Because it’s important to remember tab must be read upside down in comparison to how the strings are on your guitar. And if you remember, your strings read from top to bottom EADGBE. Tab reads from top to bottom EBGDAE.

The chords E, F, and G:
e |—0—1—3—
B |—0—1—0—
.      .E    F    G

Each of the columns represents a chord fingering. Press G string in the 1st fret and the D and A strings in the 2nd fret. Problem with tab is that it doesn’t indicate correct finger positions for the chords. Because correct finger positions are essential as we move into barre chords, commonly known as power chords used in most music.
If you begin to read the tab instead of notation, you will find yourself able to get through a piece more quickly. But limited in many other ways as tablature lacks the musical structure that makes a song beautiful and dynamic.

Example of how to read guitar tabs, tablature bellow:

how to read guitar tabs

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