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Buying Your First Acoustic Guitar

acoustic guitarBecause acoustic guitar costs vary greatly, there are some factors to consider before buying a guitar, including budget. the main priority, however, has to be the instrument’s playability and your attraction to its sound.

Trust Knowledgeable Friends and your Instincts

Since you look down on the aspect of the guitar whereas you’re playing, you’re hearing only a part of the sound. Bring a friend to a music store and have him or she hears you play. Ask your friend to listen to you in different parts of a room, and also in different rooms.

Also, have your friend play and hear the sound as you walk around the room. You should be comfy with both the sound of the guitar from both the player’s perspective and the listener’s perspective. Although it helps to do as much analysis as possible, keep in mind that playing a musical instrument should be a labor of love. Don’t be surprised if you’re drawn to an instrument you thought you’d never like. Conversely, don’t suppose you’ll grow to like an instrument that’s a good deal. However, has only a slightly attractive sound to you. Let your ears and instinct be the final judge

Your budget consideration

acoustic guitar wood agesMost high-end guitars are comprised of solid pieces of high-quality woods, as well as maple, rosewood, and ebony. Less costly models are made from laminated or composite woods. A solid-top acoustic guitar is typically considered a better-sounding instrument, and it’ll usually sound better over the years because the wood ages (see photo). You should expect to pay up to $400–$500 for a well-crafted, cheap model, however, let your ears be the final judge.

A laminated-top guitar is less likely to warp than a solid-top guitar due to the multiple levels of wood and the lacquer surrounding them. Many newer guitars are build of composite wood, that is less expensive to produce. Composite wood guitars are not as rich in tones as solid wood guitars made of one type of wood.

Styles of Acoustic Guitars

acoustic guitar steel stringsSteel strings guitars

Steel-string guitars are great in blues, rock, and popular music. Both nylon-string and steel-string guitars may play in folk and country music also. This is a perfect instrument for songwriting and accompanying singers.

Nylon strings guitars

Nylon-string guitars are the only guitars playing in classical and flamenco music. They’re additionally playing in jazz and Brazilian music. If this is the kind of music you plan to play, you’ll wish to buy a nylon-string guitar.
Some beginners will prefer to play the nylon-string guitar over the steel-string guitar because the nylon strings are softer to the touch, especially to the beginner still building callouses. However, the nylon-string neck is slightly wider than the steel-string neck.
If you have very large hands or fingers, you may want to try a nylon-string guitar. Most nylon-string guitars have wider spacing between the strings to accommodate the classical technique. Usually referred to as “Segovia Technique” after famous classical musician Andrés Segovia. Where the junction of the skin and the nail is used to pluck the string.

Buying Used or Renting guitar

acoustic guitar usedRenting an acoustic guitar may be a viable possibility if you’re unsure how much cash you want to pay or what kind of guitar you want. However, they may be harder to play, or not sound quite as nice as other guitars, which could be discouraging. It’s vital that you understand how much of your early struggles are because of your lack of experience versus the instrument’s issues. A rental may be harder to play if the store hasn’t had the time to adjust the action (see warning below). It’s vital for a beginner to play the guitar that’s properly set up in order that the player isn’t working harder than necessary to play the instrument.



If the strings appear to be so high above the neck that it makes it hard for the fingers to press down. The guitar is considered to have high action. If the action is high, ask a salesperson to adjust it. Make certain you’re fully comfortable with the way a guitar plays before you buy it.

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