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Buying Your First Electric Guitar

electric guitarThe electric guitar offers a lot of factors to think about. the type of body construction varies even more than in acoustic guitars and the electronics and pickups also alter the way the strings are heard.

The most common body type for modern electric guitars is the solid body. Les Paul developed the first prototypes of his namesake solid body guitars in the Fifties. Leo Fender headed up a parallel development of solid-body guitars. These guitars are nice for modern applications of rock, country, blues, and pop. they have a present and punchy tone and will not feedback bellow normal situations.
Some guitars, like the Gibson Les Paul, are consisting of several layers of various types of solid wood. Other guitars, like the Fender Telecaster, are consisting of one piece of wood.
Solid-body guitars are less susceptible to amplifier feedback. they’re usually less expensive than their semi-hollow counterparts.

semi hollow electric guitarSemi-hollow guitars, like the Gibson ES-335, have a solid block of wood running down the center of the instrument, while the sides of the guitar are hollow. This style produces a sound that’s punchy however still has some acoustic depth.




Pickups for electric guitar

electric guitar pickupsThe pickup is a specially designed microphonic device that delivers the sound of the string to the amplifier, without most of the incidental noise. the 2 most common pickups are the single-coil pickup and also the humbucker pickup. A single-coil pickup has a clear, bell-like tone and is nice for modern applications of rock, country, blues, and pop. Most of the standard Fender-style guitars, like the Telecaster and Stratocaster, have single-coil pickups. In the following photos, the Stratocaster is on the left; the Telecaster on the right.

The humbucker pickup is developing to combat noise that the single-coil pickup usually encounters. The humbucker is actually 2 single-coil pickups join together with wire. The interaction of the 2 coils magnetically cancels out the noise and electronic hum, hence the name “humbucker.” These pickups have a broader sound with more emphasis in the midrange. If you’re planning on playing rock, heavy blues, or jazz, this may be the pickup for you.

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