Hello and welcome to my site, my name is Nedeljko, I have a lots of interest and hobbies, like playing guitar, body building, web design, poetry and raw food. Guitar is my first love. It is more than 40 years now, I did have ups and downs, I stopped to play, then I didn’t play for years and always there was something that pull the trigger and I start to play again. It is simple, I love guitar and everything what guitar is giving to me, relief of the stress and enjoying in the beautiful sound of that instrument. On this site I will try to transfer my knowledge to you in the most simple way that I could do. We will go step by step, from the begining, so do not think that you will play like Hendrix  as soon as you grab the guitar ;), it will take the time and practise and than one day you will see that you can do miracles with the guitar and you will enjoy it.

See you soon


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