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Receive 5 Fantastic E-Books That Will Help You Learn How To Play The Guitar, Tune Your Instrument, Read Sheet Music, and Play Well! LEARN TO PLAY GUITAR EBOOK TABLE OF CONTENTS: Preface * Introduction 1 Choice of Guitar 2 Main Parts of the Guitar 3 Lesson 1 Tuning the Guitar 4 Basic Terms and Symbols in Music 5 Lesson 2 The Notation of Rhythms 6 Lesson 3 Rhythmic Exercises 8 Lesson 4 Terms and Symbols in Guitar Music 9 Learning Pitches on the Guitar 10 Notes on the High E-String (first string) 11 Lesson 5 Notes on the B-String (second string) 12 Dotted Rhythms 12 Lesson 6 Notes on the B and E-Strings 13 Lesson 7 Notes on the G-String (third string) 14 Lesson 8 Notes on the D-String (fourth string) 15 Lesson 9 Notes on the G and D-Strings 16 Lesson 10 Notes on the A-String (fifth string) 17 Lesson 11 Notes on the low E-String (sixth string) 18 Note Drill 19 Lesson 12 Accidentals 20 Lesson 13 Rests 23 Lesson 14 Reading Guitar Music in 2 to 4 Parts 24 Reference Sheet 26 Lesson 15 Two Beginning Pieces 27 Lesson 16 Key Signatures 28 Lesson 17 Self Test 29 Lesson 18 Scarborough Fair 30 Prelude in D Major 31 Lesson 19 Exercises for the Development of Rhythm 32 Lesson 20 TwoSelected Classical Pieces 34 Lesson 21 Scales 38 Lesson 22 Slurs 40 Lesson 23 Basic Chords 41 House of the Rising Sun 42 Lesson 24 Advanced Tuning Techniques 43 Lesson 25 Finding Notes on the Fret Board 44 Lesson 26 Classical Guitar Pieces 45 Lesson 27 Guitar Repertoire Selections 52 Answers to Exercises Now Id say thats pretty thorough! And youll be learning from an experienced guitarist who put this ebook together to teach his techniques to anyone interested in learning. In addition to this fantastic ebook, learn other musical skills like guitar tuning and reading sheet music. Whether youre just a beginner with no previous experience, or an intermediate learner, theres something in there you can use to build your guitar playing skills. Youll also receive MASTER RESALE RIGHTS to this entire package with your purchase! You even receive FULL RESALE RIGHTS to each of the ebooks included inside the package. What this means is that not only can you quench your thirst for knowledge, but you can also sell the package as it is and collect 100 profits for every sale you generate, or break it apart and sell each ebook seperately giving you maximum profit potential! Its all up to you, and its all included. Youll even get a copy of this webpage with all the graphics to make reselling a snap. Plus, you can even personalize this salespage website to set your offer apart from everyone elses!!
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Learn how to play guitar

Learn how to play guitar

With the increasing popularity of rock music throughout the previous few decades, playing the guitar has become very appealing to many individuals. while there are many teenagers out there who dream of turning into rock superstars, there also are many of us that wish to
learn how to play guitar just for the sake of it. However, many of them do not realize the best way to learn how to play guitar and after a couple of unsuccessful attempts, they finally quit.
Different folks have totally different learning needs. additionally, we even have totally different resources, different jobs, different errands to run and different schedules. If you are not at the level you would like, perhaps it’s because you haven’t found the most effective way to learn guitar yet.
There are many ways to learn how to play guitar. Listed below are only a couple of them.

Theory Books on learn how to play guitar

There are thousands of theory books on the market that teach you how to play the guitar.
Some of them are even very good and can provide you with all the information you need.
Books are an affordable and cozy strategy to learn how to play guitar.
Unfortunately, experience shows that for many people they just do not work. However, if you
are a really patient person, a theory book could be the most effective way to learn to play guitar.

Video Lessons, learn how to play guitar

Video guitar lessons can be found online in virtual shops and in almost any music store.
In addition, there are also a lot of video lessons available on youtube channel.Some of them are even free. Video lessons are more dynamic and have a better chance of keeping you focused. They have the advantage of allowing you to practice at home whenever you find the time to do it. However, the inconvenience is that you can’t benefit from the personalized attention and useful feedback a teacher could provide.

Private Lessons

If you are willing to dedicate a lot of time as well as some money to this, private lessons
are definitely the best way to learn guitar. A good teacher can design a customized
teaching program to suit your learning style and provide you with individualized attention
and positive feedback to get you motivated. In addition, he/she can also spot and correct

Learn how to play guitar by Ear

learn how to play guitarLearn to play guitar by ear may be very fun especially if you have some kind of music gene in your self, and that is humming with numerous vibration, you may realize that this is the most effective way to learn to play guitar for you. With the modern slowing down technology, it is
much easier now than it used to be for our parents’ generation. You should always keep in mind that playing the guitar should be fun. If you find it difficult or stressing, your learning strategy might have a lot to do with it. Sometimes you need to try several learning methods before finding the one that works best for you. However, if you actually wish to play the guitar like a professional and have enough time and cash, taking up private lessons are most likely the simplest way to go.

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Strumming patterns

Strumming patterns

What is strumming patterns? Strumming your guitar is often an interesting challenge as you start. It should be difficult to get your chords to sound correct. All of this will improve with time and practice. Lots of newbie guitar players wish to strum the strings too hard. This leads to an annoying “twangy” effect. you’ll want to avoid this at all costs!

Find here some useful tips for getting a good sound:strumming patternsBe sure to hold your pick correctly.
Be sure you don’t hold the pick too tightly.
In a downward motion, lightly glide the pick over your strings.
Don’t try and strum to fast. Go for accuracy than speed!
Practice strumming whole notes, half notes, quarter notes, eighth notes, and sixteenth notes.
Also, practice note values using a downward strum first.
Practice note values using a down/up pattern (go for accuracy!).
Integrate down-down up-up using note values.
Strum with your wrist, not your arm

As far as actual patterns are in the game, most are going to be unique to the song you’re playing. Some strumming patterns are going to be indicated by D (down) and U (up) symbols and some shall be indicated by / (down) and \ (up). Also, some will be indicated by actual note values where there will be a combination of whole, half, quarter, eighth and sixteenth notes. This is where some of the theory comes in handy!

Minor scales guitar, harmonic and melodic minor scales

Minor scales guitar

A minor scale goes to have a number of a similar principle as a major scale. It still consists of eight steps, some whole steps, and a few half step. The formula for a minor scale is WHWWHWW. Memorize it! I have to explain really fast, there are 3 different types of minor scales, natural, harmonic and melodic. The formula above is for a natural minor scale. I’ll explain the distinction between a natural and harmonic minor scale later. it should be easier to know a natural minor scale by showing the individual steps of the scale.

Remember, there are 8 steps to a scale. 1 2 3b 4 5 6b 7b 8. Steps 3,6,7 are lowered ½ step. You may ask yourself, why does it show a whole step for the last step of the formula. If you remember, on a major scale, step 7 to 8 is only a ½ step. If you lower step 7 by a half what is left is a whole step between the two (just like math 2 halves make a whole). Continue reading

Guitar Major scales, learn to play major scales on guitar

Guitar Major scales

Before I begin with how to construct a guitar major scales, know this as a constant, there are only twelve notes in existence. C C#/Db, D, D#/ Eb, E, F, F#/Gb, G, G#/Ab, A, A#/Bb, B, C. This is called a chromatic scale which includes every note known. Because a chromatic scales consists entirely of half steps. Finally, just take note that there isn’t an E# or Fb, B# or Cb.

For example: In ascending order, C to C# is a half step, C# to D is a half step, D to D# is a half step, etc. And also in reverse descending order, C to B is a half step (note that there isn’t a Cb or B#), B to Bb is a half step, Bb to A is a half step, etc. Continue reading

Guitar fretboard notes, Beginning music theory

Guitar fretboard notes, beginning music theory might not sound like a lot of fun or perhaps one thing you’re curious about. It’s crucial that you simply learn the basics of music so you’ll begin programming your brain to think in terms of music. Music theory can offer you a bigger understanding of what you’re playing and why. this may most likely take the longest to learn that is why I gave you some chords to figure on first. most of the people prefer to dig in and play and not sit down and study before they start to play! whereas you practice the series of chords given, build on in theory. Also, Learn how to tune your guitar.

guitar fretboard notes Continue reading

How to read guitar tabs, tablature

How to read guitar tabs?

What is tablature and how to read guitar tabs? Tablature, the tab for short, is a form of musical notation with an emphasis on fingerings rather than traditional notation. Tablature is commonly used for fretted instruments. How to read guitar tab, tablature?
Tablature reading is used most often by novice musicians. The problem with tab is that it doesn’t indicate note length and duration. This is where understanding note values will help as most tablature is written below standard notation. Continue reading

Guitar Power chords

Guitar power chords

Guitar power chords are very similar to barre chords. As you learned by now. Barre chords (and other chord formations) are comprised of R-3-5. Power chords are simply R-5. Power chords are not recognize as true chords, like other chords. Because they don’t have the 3rd tone and they are call dyads. It makes sense, dy meaning 2. Continue reading

Caged system for barre chords

Caged system for barre chords

This system is very simple. The five positions bellow are considered movable.

Caged system for barre chords positions

Continue reading

Minor 7th open chords

Minor 7th open chords

A minor 7th open chords are just like the major 7th only with the minor chord formation formula. Let’s take a look at what this looks like. A C minor scale is C D Eb F G Ab Bb C, Root = C, 3rd = Eb, 5th = G, and 7th = Bb. The formula for this chord construct is R-3b-5-7. Just like the major 7th chord. Standard triad consist out of the R-3b-5 and the 7th tone is added in.
Find here some of the common ways how these chords and notes are going to be referred to. Cm7, Dm7, Em7, Fm7, Gm7, Am7, Bm7, Cmin7, Dmin7, Emin7, Fmin7, Gmin7, Amin7, Bmin7.

minor 7th open chords

Major 7th open chords

Major 7th open chords

major 7th open chords

The Bmaj chord is actually Bmaj7. Continue reading
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